Friday, July 19, 2013

Better Serve

I believe local broadcasters are finally being forced to present programming that serves the needs of local residents.  We are being forced out of the entertainment business because cable, with more than a hundred channels, has captured that audience.  This will present us with a challenge and yet an ability to broadcast content in substantial amounts as we should have broadcast over the last thirty years as Nevada grew and developed a whole new series of problems.  In September we will begin a one-hour news program at 7 PM.  We anticipate that in August we will be changing another hour of programming and replacing that with an hour of news.  In September 2014, we will replace Dr. Phil with an hour of news.  It is a major undertaking for us, but we believe we will better serve all of you.


  1. We recently got something called ROKU when we dumped cable. It has thousands of shows & apparently you can produce your own show.

  2. I really hope the new programs feature Investigative Journalism and helps explain why things are they are. Most of us transplants wonder why the Transit Systems, Hospital Systems, Education, etc. seem to lack planning and organization, especially when there was plenty of money available during the Vegas Valleys Boom Years.
    The Nightly fire, re-reading of National News, and endless teasers on current newscasts just cause me to change channels and get local news elsewhere. I do find Ralston Reports the best there is and also wish we had a station very similar to WTOP in the Washington D.C. Market. News Traffic and Weather 24/7.