Friday, January 4, 2013

Funding From Research

The Nevada Higher Education System has been oblivious to the facts occurring throughout this country that relate to the reduction of state financing of state higher education systems.  The Regents and the Nevada Legislature have not only failed to take action to prevent the failure of Nevada’s Higher Education System, they don’t understand the cause of the problem. They ignorantly believe the economic downturn in Nevada is the sole cause for lack of funding of Nevada’s Higher Education System.  THEY MUST LOOK AT OTHER SOURCES OF REVENUE INCLUDING MOST IMPORTANTLY FUNDING FROM RESEARCH.


  1. Would a privately run enterprise have missed these points?

  2. In 1987 Eastman Kodak invented the OLED. Kodak never developed this invention. In fact Kodak basically sat on it all these years. And Kodak had tons more of these things they never developed, the first digital still camera among them in 1975. Never developed.
    Kodak being a one horse company for 100 years was capable of pure research and did so gleefully. So much money from film (Kodak's one horse) in fact incredible amounts of money that Kodak was able to make bad business decisions for generations and allowed them to be like a research university. Had Kodak developed the OLED into a flat display panel it would have been the one and only display on the market today and Kodak would be very healthy instead of ch.11 bankruptcy. LG bought the OLED patent from Kodak and displayed the OLED flat screens last year at CES, and this year is bringing many more of them to market.

    I say this, Jim, because Kodak is a clear example of exactly what you describe. If the main source of revenue is taken away and they have not made any plans to replace it, they will fail.

    Bruce, Kodak is a resounding YES to your question.