Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Strongest Voting Block In The United States Is The Group That Doesn’t Vote.

There is no leader in any endeavor, whether public or private, who can move the institution forward without the support of the public. No leader can be effective against public apathy.
The strongest voting block in the United States is the group that doesn’t vote. That group of non-voters is much larger than the group of voters who do vote. When you don’t vote, your vote in reality goes in as a “no” vote or as a vote that is pleased with the “status quo”.
When I vent my anger and frustration on how this country is solving its problems, I do so not at the President, the paralyzed U.S. Congress or state government officials. The fault is not theirs. The fault is the Americans who do not vote and the ones who do vote having little or no understanding of the issues. I am not concerned that the Citizens United case will turn over all power to the rich unless the American voter continues to fail to participate in and learn the substance of the issues and vote with some level of understanding. The rich will never gain control of this country if the voter will simply vote.

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