Monday, November 28, 2011

The Citizens United Case -There Are Two Major Questions

The Citizens United case has caused a real stir among constitutional law academics, the President of the United States and many minority groups who conclude that money and money alone, will destroy the power of the electorate and will now and forever set the agenda for this country’s future. It is their belief that corporations, with their boundless wealth, will be able to buy any politician and destroy every freedom in this country.
There are two major questions – Is the decision legally correct? One must examine the Constitution and the history of all decisions made by the Supreme Court that relate to the voting process in the United States. The second question, assuming the decision is legally sound, is what are the remedies for curing the bad results the decision will bring?
I am not a constitutional lawyer but my reading of the case, in spite of my very liberal leanings, indicates to me the decision by the majority of the court is reasonable, logical and legally sustainable.
The decision is really not the problem. Even though the wealth is concentrated (the Koch brothers say they will spend 400 million dollars of their own money to defeat Obama), all the money in the world cannot overcome the power of the voter unless the voter gives up his or her power by not understanding the issues and voting intelligently on those issues.

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