Thursday, February 6, 2014

A New President

How do you look for and find a new president for UNLV between now and July 1 of 2014?  If an employment contract for a new UNLV president is to be put in place, it must be done so before July 1, not before September first when the school year begins.

How do you persuade a present sitting president at another university to leave that job and come to a school that has all the problems UNLV has when merely applying for this job may cost that president his or her present job, or may result in that president taking this job and killing his or her career?  Maybe Don Snyder, Dan Klaich, and Kevin Page have the answer to this question.  I hope they do, but I seriously doubt it.

1 comment:

  1. The search for he next UNLV president would be greatly facilitated if the local moguls, hot shots, corporations and billionaires made a commitment to UNLV by putting up $250 million for fifty endowed chairs. This would be graphic evidence of the momentum of support that the chancellor, former president Smatresk and the board of regents are claiming. Instead of trying to ram Carol Harter down UNLV's throat, perhaps you might make a commitment to raise these funds.
    William M. Epstein, Professor