Monday, January 27, 2014

To Kevin Page, Chairman Board of Regents and Daniel Klaich, Chancellor:

One rule I learned early on is that you may not owe anyone with whom you deal much, but the one unconditional obligation you have is to tell the truth.  And both of you failed miserably in telling the truth about the way you chose Don Snyder to be acting president.  I’d love to have both of you under oath to confirm that my suspicions were always correct; and that is that you had cut the deal with Don before Carol Harter expressed interest and before you had ever talked with her.  This is high school politics at its worst.

But not only is this amateurish, you have permanently damaged and insulted a great lady, an academician, and a person full of loyalty and dedication to this university by choosing Don Snyder.  With all of his talents, and I admit that he has many, Don’s resume is a blank sheet when compared to Carol Harter’s education, experience as a true academic leader, writer, philosopher and intellectual. You also sent a message to every faculty member at UNLV that intellectual endeavor is of no importance unless it produces a dollar.  That hasn’t been the purpose of education worldwide since the 5th century.  Every college president across this country must be howling at the thought that a man with a B. A. from Wyoming is now the academic leader at UNLV.

You owe Carol an apology and you owe the entire faculty of UNLV an apology.

Shame on you both.

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