Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

Any time an opportunity came up, even if it even smelled close to being good, I took a very close look and if it had merit I did it. I’m 75 years old. When I look back, there’s nothing I didn’t do that I wished I had done.  I remember as a kid, and I must’ve heard the story 20 times, people saying, “When Coca-Cola started, my father had the opportunity to buy into the company for nearly nothing.” When a salesman came through town selling Coca Cola stock all of my friends didn’t want to take a chance and buy. They later joined in unison to say “If I’d only bought $20 worth of the stock I’d be a millionaire.” I don’t want to hear those words and I don’t like the stories. I don’t like them because they only show that the person telling them was short of confidence and character.

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